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Viruses and Malware

Viruses are basically malicious programs that attack your computer in various ways causing malfunction to any computer on a network that lacks the proper protection. Infected email attachments or opening infected files from the Internet will release these viruses into your computer and network unless there is an anti-virus protection program on your computer. Computers of friends and colleagues who’s email addresses are stored on your computer may also be affected. Some viruses remain dormant on your computer until they are released and destroy certain functions of a computer. Sometimes they are designed to delete files and can in extreme circumstances destroy the entire hard drive of a computer.

Recently Malware has become the more prevalent nuisance with users. Malware software is intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network. Malware does the damage after it is implanted or introduced in some way into a target’s computer and can take the form of executable code, scripts, active content, and other software. The code is described as computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, and scareware, among other terms. Malware has a malicious intent, acting against the interest of the computer user—and so does not include software that causes unintentional harm due to some deficiency, which is typically described as a software bug.

Antivirus And Firewalls

One strategy for protecting against malware is to prevent the malware software from gaining access to the target computer. For this reason, antivirus software, firewalls and other strategies are used to help protect against the introduction of malware, in addition to checking for the presence of malware and malicious activity and recovering from attacks.

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Viruses, malware and spyware can and in many cases put a business out of commission for periods or time.  In addition to that valuable data which will have to be recovered can lead to an enormous expense.  CLARKSTOWN COMPUTER SERVICES are experts at computer maintenance for small business and will keep your computers up to date with the latest technology and programs to help avoid these issues.

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Networking Solutions

A wired network uses cables to connect devices, such as laptop or desktop computers, to the Internet or another network.

Wired or Wireless?

A wireless network allows devices to stay connected to the network but roam untethered to any wires. Access points amplify Wi-Fi signals, so a device can be far from a router but still be connected to the network.

A wired network has some disadvantages when compared to a wireless network. The biggest disadvantage is that your device is tethered to a router. The most common wired networks use cables connected at one end to an Ethernet port on the network router and at the other end to a computer or other device.

Previously it was thought that wired networks were faster and more secure than wireless networks. But continual enhancements to wireless network technology such as the Wi-Fi 6 networking standard have eroded speed and security differences between wired and wireless networks.

Let Us Design Your Network

CLARKSTOWN COMPUTER SERVICES have expertise in designing both wired and wireless networks using state of the art technology to offer the most secure and productive solutions to fit your needs.

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